Thanksgiving is less than a week away!  I am running around the house trying to pack for our upcoming trip on Tuesday morning (to visit my husband’s family for Thanksgiving), getting the house cleaned (yes, it takes me days to get my house organized/cleaned….and I absolutely HATE going out-of-town and returning to a messy house…), oh and most importantly taking care of an injured kid (there was an unexpected trip to the urgent care center yesterday when my son jumped off the couch and split his ear open on the coffee table… don’t worry, the doctor glued the torn part of his ear and it should heal fine) and trying to get some invoicing/accounting work done for my husband’s business (perhaps during my son’s nap time or after bedtime?).  Needless to say the next couple of days will be pretty busy for me.  But I am thankful for every blessing that God has given and even for this busy time in my life. And I am thankful that my son is able to smile and be happy even when he’s hurting (see picture of him at the doctor’s office below).

Today I just wanted to write an update post real quick and let you know about a few good things and some deals that are expiring soon!

MoneyWiseMoms has a great Food Bank Challenge going on right now.  She is encouraging not just savvy shoppers and couponers, but EVERYONE to donate to a local food bank around the Thanksgiving holiday. The $10 challenge is for us to see how far $10 can go to help someone in need.  Combining coupons and sales is a great way to stretch those dollars and maximize your giving.  Due to the hecticness going on for me in the next few days, I’ll probably do a quick trip to the new Super Walmart (in Manassas), Super Target, or Aldi and see how far my $10 can go with minimal coupons (I know this is strange for me!). I want to encourage all of you to be finding ways to help those in need, donate food/goods, or volunteer time. Thanksgiving is a great time to do this as we are reminded how thankful we should be for things like being able to put food on the table and having a roof over our heads; things that some folks do not currently have, yet things that we sometimes take for granted in our lives.

If you haven’t taken advantage of the 100 free photo cards (2 sets of 50) you need to hurry up and do this!  Word is that the promotion is ending tomorrow, Saturday 11/21/09 due to the high demand (originally it was scheduled to be good through 11/30/09) **UPDATE** Still valid thru Monday 11/30 according to Freebies4Mom.  I just got my cards in the mail on Wed. and Thurs. and I loooove them!  I even started addressing envelopes and getting my Christmas cards ready to mail out.  Trust me, I’m never this ahead of the game!  I’m loving it!

If you signed up for the Free Edible Arrangements Offer from their FaceBook fan page last month, make sure to use your coupon before the expiration date! Mine expires this Sat. 11/21/09 (not sure if all of the coupons expire on the same date, or if it is dependent upon the day you signed up and expires one month after). I plan to order it and pick it up for my mother-in-law when we arrive for Thanksgiving. I missed her birthday last month (oops!) so hopefully this will make up for my forgetfulness!

If you’re looking for a calendar gift for a relative or friend, consider creating a photo calendar with pictures of your family or friends.  A friend recently asked me if I knew of any good deals on photo calendars, so I did a little research and here’s what I found (I am basing my promotional code findings off of so please be sure to test out the codes before purchasing. I have not tried these codes personally, so please be advised that these are based on other RetailMeNot users, and may have expired):

**Just Added to this post** ArtsCow Coupon Code for $7.99 12-month calendars or $9.99 for 18-month calendars: 2010CALDR799
Shipping should be free (or included in the above price). This offer is only available to the first 3,000 people/orders and will expire on 11/30/09 so act fast! There’s more info about this deal here. Normal pricing is $9.99 for 12-month calendar and $12.99 for 18-month calendar. This is the best price I’ve found thus far!**

Kodak Gallery: $19.99
For 40% off, try promo code: THANKUC
For 25% off orders of $50 or more, try promo code: HOLIDAY from FujiFilm: promo for 25% off normal $19.99 price and free shipping. Use code: calendar-19 OR possibly try this code for 40% off first: THANKUC

Shutterfly: $15.99 Free shipping & 10% off order promo codes listed here:

Snapfish: $18.99 and up. You can get 20% discount off your order with promo code: HOLIDAY09

Zazzle:$17.95 (discount sale for 5% off for up to 11 calendars, 10% off for 12-49 calendars. Additional promo code for another 45% off calendar order: CALENDARS998

Walgreens: (this may be convenient if you have a Walgreens near you. You can create online and should be able to have it delivered to your local store for pickup, ie. free shipping because you’re mailing it to the store). Try promo codes: JOY33 or SMILEWRAP

CVS: $19.99 and up (this may be convenient if you have a CVS near you. You can create online and should be able to have it delivered to your local store for pickup, ie. free shipping because you’re mailing it to the store).

You can check for additional promo codes for these vendors or others.

That’s it for now!  Back to my hectic day. Hope you all have a happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!


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5 responses to “Thankful

  1. Oh my! I’m so glad he is smiling. Kids are amazing!

    At first I saw the picture and it looks like you made him a wig to look like George Washington?! hahaha! That is terrible.

    Have a fantastic Holiday!

  2. WOW that bandage is something else! But it didn’t dim his smile. 🙂 Isn’t it wonderful that kids are so resilient? Hoping his ear heals quickly – sorry you both had to go through the trauma and associated doc’s visit!

    • frugalfriends

      Thanks RU Ladies!
      It was quite an experience, and I’m thankful he’s alright. Right now he’s enjoying telling everyone about the booboo on his ear. He is pretty resilient!

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