Shoppers Triple & Double Coupons Promo Thurs. 3/18/10 – Sun. 3/21/10

This just in! Shoppers Food & Pharmacy stores are doing another Triple/Double Coupon promotion starting today, Thurs. 3/18/2010 through Sun. 3/21/2010. This is only a 4-day promotion, and quite honestly, it caught me off guard! But it appears that this promotion is taking place at ALL Shoppers stores and not a select few like the last month. To find your local store, click here.

The promo includes:

  • TRIPLING all manufacturer coupons up to and including $0.50 in face value
  • DOUBLING all manufacturer coupons from $0.51 up to and including $1.00 in face value
  • Limit of four (4) identical coupons. No other restrictions apply

Yippee! There will hopefully be some good deals and freebies with this coupon promotion! I’ll try to put together a list over the next 2 days, and will keep you updated of what deals I find! Let me know if you find any good ones!

UPDATE: I am compiling a list of FREEBIES & CHEAPIES in this spreadsheet, and will be adding to it over the next few days…


Kame Coconut Milk $1.99 OR Kame Coconut Milk Lite $1.79 (14 fl. oz. can in Asian food aisle)
– $1/1 SS 2/7/10 DOUBLED (expires 4/30/10)

Johnson & Johnson’s Bath Buddies Soap, 1-ct 2.45 oz. $1.19
– $1/1 RP 1/03/10 DOUBLED

Maruchan Yakisoba, 4 oz. $1
– $0.50  SS 1/03/10 TRIPLED
OR – $1/2 SS 3/14/10 DOUBLED
= FREE or 2 for FREE

G2 Gatorade, 32 oz. bottle $1
– $1/2 RP 1/10/10 DOUBLED
= 2 for FREE

French’s Worcestershire Sauce, 10 fl. oz. $1.49
– $0.50 SS 1/24/10 TRIPLED

Solo Red Party Cups, 16 oz. 12-ct. $1
– $0.75 SS 1/24/10 DOUBLED

Success Boil-in-Bag White Rice, 7 oz. box $1.50
– $0.50 RP 1/31/10 TRIPLED

Trident Layers Single-Pack Gum (in check out lane) $1.49
– $0.75 SS 2/7/10 DOUBLED

Scotties Facial Tissue, 60-132 ct. box, selected varieties $1
– $0.50 or $1 Internet Printable TRIPLED or DOUBLED

Soft Soap 7.5 fl. oz. $1.50
– $0.50 All You Magazine (March 2010 issue) Coupon TRIPLED


See Spreadsheet mentioned earlier.


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10 responses to “Shoppers Triple & Double Coupons Promo Thurs. 3/18/10 – Sun. 3/21/10

  1. Kimberly J.

    Does the 4 identical coupon restriction refer to only internet coupons or all coupons? In a recent trip to Safeway I was informed that they cannot take duplicates of internet coupons. Thank goodness that this hasn’t spread to other stores! Thank you for posting this! I will be cashing in on this and looking forward to your matchups.


    • frugalfriends

      Hi Kimberly.
      Thanks for the comment. In my experience the limit of 4-like coupons applies to all coupons (not just internet printables). But the good news is: this limit is per transaction, per day. So if you have 16 identical coupons you could make 4 different trips and use 4 each time.
      I hope to make it out to the store later this afternoon or tonight, so hopefully I’ll be able to report some good deals in a bit!

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  4. JenK

    Thanks so much, this is a great list!

  5. I just got back. Here are some more freebies and cheapies:

    • frugalfriends

      Thanks for sharing Gina! You had a great Shoppers Triple/Double Coupon run. So glad that this month it was at all stores, and not just a handful like in February. And thankful that there wasn’t another huge snow storm this time!

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